If you intend to start up a business in Thailand, you will face a number of legal restrictions, particularly the core restrictions on foreigner's conducting almost business in Thailand. (Click here to see the general info on the restrictions.) There are many ligitimate ways to overcome the restrictions, e.g. obtaining a busines license, BOI's investment promotion, etc. Anyhow, these approaches are quite lenghty and complex and can be introduced and pursued to certain extent allowed by the applicable laws, so they may not fit your business.

As an alternative and simpler approach to overcoming the restrictions on foreign business in Thailand, we would recommend a structure specially developed to ensure non-involvement of an illegal Thai nominee and non-signficant financial and operational involvement of the Thai partner (the "Featured Structure"). This Featured Structure will secure the Thai nationality of your business while ensuring that the foreign investor will be entitled to the most profits, net assets, voting control in the company. Our "ULTIMATE" incorporation package offered below features this structure.

***In each package, we also offer those optional services indicated by ◐, for which additional fees will be charged. The fees exclude any government fees and any out-of-pocket expenses incurred in rendering the services.