We are a business law firm based in Bangkok, Thailand, offering a full range of exceptional and seamless legal and tax services.


Our lawyers and tax counsels are seasoned professionals with impressive law firm experience across a wide range of industries, making them capable of delivering exceptional legal and tax services comparable with those offered by large multinational law or tax firms, but at relatively moderate costs.


Our professionals are not only highly skilled and experienced but also committed to work together to deliver the best results possible and to constantly contribute to the actual success of individual clients and the related companies. They analyze a case and provide the tools necessary to achieve the specific goals, perfectly in line with the assignment.


We believe a strong relationship with every client is fundamental to success. We build a positive and informed relationship with our clients beyond standard advice. We bring a whole-business understanding to our counsel, which enables us to support and advise clients appropriately and efficiently.


Please see our vision, missions and values.