Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Our attorneys represent individuals and businesses in every type of litigation matters, at every level and before every court in Thailand, e.g. Civil Court, Criminal Court, Labour Court, Tax Court, Intellectual Property and International Trade Court , Bankruptcy Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, etc.
We understand that every client has particular goals in mind when involved in litigation and that most clients are concerned about the lack of control when involved in litigation. Our attorneys will work closely with you on every case to make sure that the litigation strategy pursued is the most effective way to reach your goal and you understand the risks and benefits of that strategy.
Our attorneys also strive to keep the costs of the litigation within your budget. In most cases, an appropriate strategy is to aggressively prosecute or defend a case by preparing for trial, while maintaining open lines of communication as to settlement. This approach may lead to favorable settlements of cases prior to trial.
It is advisable for our creditor clients to conduct preliminary asset investigation prior to the litigation process, especially if their debtors are a juristic person and the litigation is not meant to enable the debt write-off for tax purpose. This would help draw up litigation strategy and ensure to some extent that our client will not end up winning the case and gaining nothing but papers.

We also provide litigation services in conjunction with other legal representation. We coordinate your representation to avoid duplication and inefficiencies. We want you to feel confident that your matter is being handled properly and efficiently, to be kept informed of its status and to have a single attorney who is responsible and knowledgeable for all of your matters.

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