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Our billing policy is simple and flexible, i.e. "we charge reasonable fees our clients are willing and able to pay and that are fair to our firm". The factors to be taken into account in determining the reasonableness of fees particularly include: (a) the type of matter involved, whether it is a simple and routine matter, or whether it is a complex, highly technical matter; (b) the time and workforce required; (c) the expertise of the attorneys working on the matter; (d) the amount of money involved and the results obtained; (e) the time limitations imposed by the client or by circumstances; (f) the experience and ability of the professionals in charge of the case; and (g) whether the fee is fixed, contingent or otherwise. 

Our firm assigns standard hourly rates to time-keeping personnel employed by or otherwise associated with the firm which have been determined by taking the foregoing factors into account. Our current professionals' hourly rates are as follows:


Several methods are available to our clients for determining the fees to be charged for our services in particular instances. Generally, our fees will be calculated on the basis of the time expended on the client's matter in accordance with our hourly rates as determined in accordance with this an engagement agreement made in advance. In certain hourly rate billing arrangements, agreements may also be made in advance that our fees will be subject to both or either of maximum and minimum amounts.


Apart from the general hourly rate billing we would be happy to discuss any of the following alternative billing methods in which you are interested, including:


  • Fixed or flat fees -  We provide a specific service for a set price. In terms of litigation, this may be done for a single case or for an entire portfolio of litigation cases. In a  transactional case, we may handle a specified transaction for a set price. Fixed or flat fee arrangements are best suited to registration work, including application for investment promotion, corporate registration, application for work permit and visa, as well as situations where the time and effort to complete a project are highly predictable.


  • Success fees - We would receive a contingent payment if certain legal goals established with the client are met. An example in the case of litigation might be a successful motion to dismiss a case early. This arrangement can be combined with a number of the other alternative fee arrangements described in this page.


  • Budget-based fees - We collaborate with the client to develop a budget for the work to be performed. This may be used when both parties have a good sense of fees and costs involved in the representation.


  • Retainer fees - Legal and tax counseling may be subjected to fixed payments on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, covering issues requiring legal attention from time to time within specified subject areas. In this regard, the maximum utilizable service hours will be fixed for each month, quarter or year, and the agreed discounted hour rates apply. Any excessive hours spent will be billed on an hourly basis, subject to the agreed discount.


  • Contingency fees - Client pays us contingency fees based solely on results achieved, with payment often expressed as a percentage of the recovery, settlement, or amount saved. This type of fee arrangement is most commonly used for plaintiff-side litigation, although we will work creatively with clients to apply contingent fee arrangements to other types of matters, or discrete phases of a matter, where appropriate.


Any alternative fee arrangement must be a win-win for both parties. In this regard, we will periodically review the scope of work and actual versus projected fees and costs with our clients to ensure that the needs of both the client and our firm are being met. The fee arrangement will be reevaluated and renegotiated as necessary based upon this review.


As to the method of billing and payment, our practice is to bill monthly in case of hourly rate billing. This will make our client know on a regular monthly basis what their current total legal fees are and so that they will not receive any accumulated surprises. As for other billing methods, the billing stages will be agreed upon case by case.




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