Tax Services


We have a team of highly qualified and well versed tax specialists handling tax advisory service, tax planning, tax compliance, tax audit and controversy. We work in tandem with clients to provide a seamless and comprehensive solution, tailored to the client’s needs.


Our Tax Practice's areas are as illustrated below.


Tax Advisory & Planning


We respond our clients rapidly with innovative and sound international tax strategies that meet their changing needs.


Our professionals understand that delivering cutting edge tax advice in today’s business environment requires specialization in core competencies in order to invest the time required to remain current with our clients’ businesses and industries.  To forward this effort, we are dedicated to providing value added tax planning to our clients through a combination of tax expertise and a focus on understanding our clients’ businesses.


Tax Compliance


Our tax compliance professionals can assess the tax compliance of clients by conducting desktop tax review covering all aspects of taxation, including corporate tax, personal income tax, value added tax, specific business tax, stamp duty, land and building tax, and customs and excise tax, but focusing on key risk areas to enable identification of problems as well as potential tax planning.


We also provide services of completion or review of personal and coporate tax returns for individual and business clients and computing relevant tax liabilities.


Tax Refund


Almost businesses requesting any type of tax refund from the Thai Revenue Department or the RD would have experienced lengthy and bureaucratic formalities, despite the tax refund timeframes set out by certain RD’s regulations, as well as the very tough discretion of the most of revenue officers in reviewing documents and interpreting the related RD’s regulations.


Any request for tax refund might lead to a full tax review by the Thai Revenue Department. This would in turn result in a dramatic delay in receiving the refund and also tremendous challenge by the RD to various transactions directly or indirectly lowering or eliminating any tax burdens. We have seen a bank requesting a few billion tax refund from the RD longer than 9 years ago but gaining nothing even to date. From our experience, a minimal number of tax refund applicants could successfully get higher than 80% tax refund. Many tax refund applicants have even ended up getting no tax refund but instead in additional tax assessment by the RD.


We have a team of highly qualified and well versed tax specialists. Most importantly, they are well connected and capable of efficiently and effectively liaising with revenue officers to see that your tax refund request will be handled appropriately and as much as possible in your favor. Despite tough challenges by revenue officers, our experts have assisted almost of their tax refund clients in successfully recover 80-95% of the amount of tax refund request.

Tax Controversy


With effective advice and representation, many tax audits can be resolved advantageously before trial. We encourage clients to involve us already at the audit level to identify significant issues, develop key audit strategies, provide advice in responding to information requests, establish procedures to identify and protect privileged documents. The extent of our role at the audit level greatly depends on the circumstances of each individual case. We may interface with the tax competent tax officials throughout the examination, whereas in other cases, we better provide advice and guide you through the audit stage.


We recognize that tax controversy needs to be resolved on terms that meet a business’s strategic objectives, which must include a continuing relationship with the tax authorities.  We strive to achieve optimal results for your case as soon as possible.


Our tax counsels have developed extensive experience and expertise in helping clients to prevent and resolve disputes with the tax authorities. They offer expertise in handling all aspects of direct and indirect tax controversy including:


  • Advice, legal assistance and representation in administrative and legal proceedings


  • Negotiation with the competent tax authorities


  • Pre-trial settlement


  • Preparation of appeal against tax assessment by the competent tax authorities


  • Litigation in the courts of jurisdiction


  • Controversy aftercare





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    Tax Services

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